Good Practice Framework

My recovery is not as complete as I would have liked it to be at this point and while that means my gradual return to work is still in progress, it also means I have had a chance to explore more information sources than I might have had on my ‘full time’ work schedule.

I came across the Good Practice Framework on the SCIE (Social Care Institute of Excellence) website and have found some very interesting pieces of information there.

Basically, it is a collation of good practice (unsurprising, given the name!)  across adult social care and an explanation of how different projects and schemes have worked – in the hope that this good practice will be able to spread nationally.

I’d suggest anyone interested in social care in the UK have a look through some of the examples in a service area that interests them.

The quality of the write ups of some of the practice examples varies wildly. Some provide very little information apart from ‘we did this well because we consulted service users’ and others go into step by step details about how they implemented the actions – but it is a good source of ideas for things that can be changed sometimes with minimal cost attached.

Generally, it’s a good use of the website though – I think if more comments/discussion could be generated, it could be even more useful.

There are so many networking opportunities now for services and councils to share ideas, it’s a shame not to make use of them. I’m off to get some more ideas about how my ideal service would exist… at zero cost, of course!