Facebook and Kindle

I have set up a Facebook page for the blog. It took me so long because I was trying to work out privacy settings and some such and created a ‘new persona’ in order to set the page up – but it’s there and as soon as I work out how to put a widget in the side bar, I’ll link it there.

It’s linked to my twitter account and I hope to use it mostly as a depositary of interesting links as I come across them but I can’t promise it will be wildly active (that’s why I never went into Sales!).

I also (ok, this was a bit of a vanity exercise, I admit) have the blog published on the kindle. So you know, if you really really want to and you have a kindle (which you probably won’t as the UK ones aren’t released for a couple of weeks) you can go and subscribe there!

And if anyone out there has their own blog and wants to publish it on the Kindle format – go here.

It took  me a while to find the link but I’m happy to share!

2 thoughts on “Facebook and Kindle

  1. Ah yes.. Facebook is a challenge with privacy and unlinking to Twitter but I think it’s worth it. Ps. blog is also looking good on ipad!
    Will be fully subscribed to all and everything. 🙂


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