Could you do it?

‘The Social Work Challenge’ is a short ‘quiz’ to test social work skills and to try and highlight some of the complex decisions made by social workers in child protection.

It was sent to me and I think the intention was that I pass it on to publicise it and to help generate discussion and understanding of the role of the social worker. It’s certainly an interesting exercise!

It is part of a campaign being run jointly by the ADSW (Association of Directors of Social Work) and the SSSC (Scottish Social Services Counci)l.

It’s good they are being proactive in publicising and demonstrating the work of social workers. Now let’s see what the GSCC (General Social Care Council) in England can come up with!

In fact, the more I read about the campaign and the structure of social work in Scotland, I’m quite tempted to just relocate up there but that’s probably another story for another day!

If anyone feels like it, respond with how you got on – either here or directly on twitter to @socialworkscot (which is the twitter account of the Social Work Changes Lives Campaign!)   with the #socworkchallenge hashtag!

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7 thoughts on “Could you do it?

  1. I got them right..this is really fantastic in the sense that it’s making clear the criteria and the underlying morality of social work practice which is always questioned in the media…I’m submitting some stuff for an Architects and Health website and I’ll include this! Thanks.


  2. That was neat! It was a good tool for me to evaluate the difference between child protection and my past experience in social work. I’ve not done CP, and so this is going to be an interesting change in practice methods, I think, with a focus on immediate action.

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