Bank Holiday Thoughts

A small pause for reflection. Firstly to thank everyone who responded to the poll I put up last week and to those who left comments both publicly and who contacted me privately.

I was, to be honest, close to giving up altogether last week but I have paused, reflected and reconsidered.

I will attempt to write longer, more considered posts but a little less frequently – maybe with updates between 2 – 4 times a week rather than the daily updates I had initially planned when I started.

I have password-protected some posts – not because there is anything earth-shatteringly compelling – indeed, they are all posts that have been public at some point – if you have been following me, you aren’t losing anything by not having free and ready access to those posts.

The reason I password-protected them, is that I believe they do or could identify me more fully and I know for a fact now that my blog has been picked up and read by people who work in the same team as me (which is the actual reason for the crisis of confidence!). Please do feel free to contact me via the ‘contact form’ for the password if you are interested in any of them but don’t expect mind boggling revelations behind the password because really, there aren’t any!

But for the meantime, thank you to everyone who has read, written, commented and contacted me via email. It’s been a wonderful experience and journey.

I’m also in the process of setting up a completely unrelated private site. I like writing too much to stop completely. I won’t link it or direct people there as I actively want to be more open and less anonymous.

A friend told me last week, as I was talking that we shouldn’t put anything on the ‘internet’ that we wouldn’t be comfortable putting our name next to. I think they were referring more to Facebook update statuses! But although I will retain an anonymity, I want to bear that in mind as I write.

5 thoughts on “Bank Holiday Thoughts

  1. When I was successful in getting my current job I put on facebook that I would be starting work soon as a social worker. Another friend said “should you put that on facebook?” Yes, why not?! It’s only my job title, not my location or service user base.

    I have another “friend” (who I mentioned yesterday in a comment) who “polices” my status updates and will occasionally remind me that “a friend of a friend of a friend” was fired from her social worker job because she said “assigned another case, ready for the weekend!” on her facebook status update.

    I don’t discuss work (apart from to say I got a job!) on facebook and am toying with the idea of deleting my account altogether. I use it to maintain contact with people who have forgotten how to communicate outside of social networks but otherwise don’t put much up on there at all. If a service user/colleague/my boss was able to get through all my privacy settings to my page it would not be the end of the World, for sure!

    There isn’t really any guidance about the internet issued to members of staff but I’m fairly sure if my manager found out I was blogging about social work I’d at least face a disciplinary hearing. This isn’t because I’d write about my cases (far from it) but because a) they wouldn’t even bother reading it and b) they don’t understand what a powerful resource the Internet is.

    I think we’re another generation away from people not being afraid of the Internet/computers in general! I know most of my office don’t know how to operate one. 😉

    I’d like to have a blog but I’m too cautious about who would find it and I’d feel false having to police myself too much. My job is at least 80% of my life so it’d probably be quite boring otherwise! 🙂

  2. Honestly,

    I turn my back for a minute and someone else good is thinking of shutting their blog. Well, it’s not on, cb – I forbid you to, ok? How am I going to link to Kittenwar if you do that? 😉

  3. Kittenwar!! I’m so glad you found the ‘secret’ link. It’s one of my favourite sites 🙂 )

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