Balls and Hypocrisy

Just a quick post today. I was minding my own business reading the Evening Standard on my tube journey home yesterday when I came across the following headline


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I had to double-take and hold down a rue snigger. This is ED BALLS! The man who put an agony aunt from The Sun on the Social Work Taskforce! He is criticising Brown for pandering to the popular press?


I know social workers aren’t his target audience but Ed Balls really thinks he can gain favour by criticising Brown over this when he displayed the worst examples of actively pursuing the ‘hang ‘em’ brigade of the right-wing press in the aftermath of the inquiry into the death of Peter Connolly. He was the first to appear in the popular press telling them exactly what they wanted to hear and handing Sharon Shoesmith and the socialworkers involved, in Haringey,  to the howling press and public. All for the sake of some popularity.


I don’t know what planet Ed Balls is on but he is certainly in no place to criticise Brown for pandering to the press when he engaged in far worse during his unfortunate tenure as a minister.

5 thoughts on “Balls and Hypocrisy

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  2. I know! he’s extraordinary! maybe he just hopes we all have goldfish memory.
    I saw over someone’s shoulder in the train that the Sun was still pursuing Shoesmith last week. At the time the vilifcation was at its height even social workers who don’t live anywhere near London were understandably distressed and frightened.

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