Project Prevention on Strange Quarks

I’d like to direct anyone who has an interest in Project Prevention (and anyone who doesn’t should!) to the latest episode of the ‘Strange Quarks’ podcast where Stuart Sorensen is featured as an interviewee.

Project Prevention, as Stuart explained in a previous post here but explains in much greater detail on his own blog, pays people with substance misuse problems to be sterilised. There is so much so wrong about this but Stuart explains much better than I can.

He debunks of the so-called idea behind Project Prevention and exposes it for the immoral and ethically challenged bunkum that it is. All respect to him for maintaining such a strong voice against them.

Stuart’s section 33:20 mins into the podcast but actually, I’d recommend listening to the first part too as it is also interesting.

Definitely remaining on my podcast subscription list.

It is a fine new podcast that has just started and most definitely worth a listen.

3 thoughts on “Project Prevention on Strange Quarks

  1. Thanks for that CB,

    I really appreciate it. The more people understand what this vile organisation is really about the easier it will be to keep them away from our shores.



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