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I used to try to have a weekly round-up post of social work blogs. I gave up a couple of years ago because it took too much time up but I’m going to try again… simply because there is so much ‘out there’ now.

So here’s my pick of the week. I hope to put together ten each week.  I can’t promise I’ll keep it up but the intention is there.  I couldn’t quite limit myself to ten this week though.  I am thinking that generally, this is going to be a weekend pursuit of mine. It may or may not be weekly – depending on time available.


Functional Assessment – Has started a ‘Carnival of Social Work’. Go and look and read. I submitted a piece myself but that’s not the only reason I want to promote it. I really find the humanist/atheist outlook refreshingly positive.

Social Work Career Transition Blog – has the next in her series of interviews with Social Workers in different fields in the US. It’s an interesting perspective into the different types and ways that the social work profession is set up in the States.

SocialJerk – talks about housing. An old chestnut in  my own practice experience and while expressing some of realities of the housing problems in New York, I worry that it may be a foreshadowing of what could be to come in London when this government’s housing benefit changes roll into place.

Going Mental – in Canada, seems to be very slowly getting used to the the return to work after a break for the holidays..

St Christopher’s Blog – Malcolm Payne writes about the government’s Green Paper on ‘Giving’. It’s a great analysis

Everyone Needs Therapy – has an interesting analysis of the shootings in Arizona and the links between guns, violence and mental illness. An interesting look at a news story that hasn’t had as much coverage here. I can’t even pretend to understand any arguments that people should have the right to own guns. But it’s not my argument to have.

The Masked AMHP – has a great write-up of CTOs (Community Treatment Orders). I found it really useful. Another unmissable blog.

Classroom to Capitol – I loved this piece about ‘cognitive capital’ and what we might do with the amount of time that we spend in front of the TV. Very pertinent in right after Christmas. I really would like to spend more time pondering the questions she asks.

Social Worker-to-be (who is now qualified!) is still waiting for her CRB to come through before she can start work..

Social Work Blog – has mentioned me in the top 50 blogs by social work professionals. I feel a bit embarrassed to even mention and only do so because there are a heap of other fine blogs to check out from their site.

There are three new or relatively new UK social workers blogging and I just wanted to draw attention to them. Please go and read Smile

How Not to Do Social Work – is a blog from the assistant manager of a LAC (Looked After Children)’s team.

It’s a Crazy Life – has been around a while but more recently been resurrected. It’s a walk through the life of a social worker and mother/wife. Great take on things!

Social (Over)Worker – works in childrens’ services.

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