Weekend Links 2

A few social work related posts I came across over the last week that caught my attention

Life of a Social Worker writes about the stigma of being a male social worker

Going Public writes about the potential end of day care in the ‘new era’ of social care.

Malcolm Payne on St Christopher’s Blog has some fantastic posts about the Social Work slant on the Health and Social Care Bill and a look from the view of palliative care. Really, though, everything he writes is worth reading.

The Masked AMHP has a fantastic post (and story) about animals and Mental Health Act Assessments .

An interesting post on A Shameless Agitator’s Inner Dialogue about interdependence.

Social Jerk has a positive story.

Social (Over)Worker has another positive story about family reunification – It made me feel warm and fuzzy until I realised that stories like these will be really affected by the government’s cuts.  She also has a great summary of why adoptions can take so long.

Neurology Social Worker looks at some of the uses of technology for carers in the field.

On a similar theme, at Virtual Connections there’s a post about the  use of mobile devices in psychotherapy. Now, I don’t do psychotherapy personally but I am intrigued about some of the apps described. Personally, I find my android MMSE app the most useful for when I forget the paper version and want a rough idea when I’m out and about!

Classroom to Capitol had a great post on Martin Luther King Jr Day (or last Monday if you are in the UK).  It put the day in context for me.

How not to do Social Work talks about a difficult telephone call he took.

And to follow-up from last week, Social Worker-t0-be now has her CRB and is all ready to start work – good luck to her.

Do let me know in the comments if you came across any other great posts over the last week!

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