Weekend Links 3

Another list of social work-related links that I’ve come across over the last week and have caused me pause for thought.

1.  Whose side are you on?  Mel at Mel’s Skim Cap asks herself. It’s certainly emphasises some of the reflection that comes from asking where we place ourselves between users/clients/patients and professionals.

2. Anti-social Social Worker updates us on his progress.

3. Malcolm Payne at St Christopher’s Hospice argues that Adult Social Care need stronger focus on teaching about death, loss and bereavement.

4. Nechakogel writes about the utilitarian principle and whether maximising happiness is incongruent with maximising social justice. And what ‘happiness’ for a society actually is.

5. Social Worker to Be (who is not a ‘to be’ anymore!) writes about barriers to work which are being increased by the current government for people who are or have had disabilities. Fantastic post.

6.  At Virtual Connections, Nancy writes of 10 reasons for Social Workers to be Web 2.0 literate – and some great comments as well (not just the one from me Winking smile).

7. How Not to Do Social Work (I don’t believe that title for a second!) has a great post about Risk and some of the nature of Risk Averse services and professionals.

8. JaeRan Kim poses an ethical dilemma.

9. Therapydoc at Everyone Needs Therapy treats us to a fantastic stream of consciousness post (I must try that sometime!) and I learn a little bit more than I ever knew I didn’t know about life in Chicago and American Football.

10.  And SocialJerk treats us to a slice of New York life on a Snow Day and lessons about life that she has learnt from children.

Next weekend, I’ll be in Scotland so I’m not sure I’ll have time to put links up  but as I wrote yesterday, I’m hoping to post throughout the week!

Have a good Sunday everyone and thanks for visiting!

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