Weekend Links 4

I was going to skip a week because I’m in Scotland this weekend but I couldn’t resist because I’ve come across some great posts I really wanted to share!

Always Something to Complain About (love the blog title!) a social worker from Queensland, reflects on the floods and waits for the cyclone (as she wrote this). I think she has every right to complain.

How not to do Social Work reflects on a tough strategy meeting.

Nectarine at Going Mental has a fantastic ‘Day in the Life’ post.

SocialJerk takes a Teen Girls Group and raises some vitally important issues.

At Eyes Open Wider, SocialWrKr 24/7 takes us through a scenario with a lot of questions and issues raises in What would you do? What would you do? Part 2 and finally What would I do?

Fat Social Worker is considering setting up a group against size discrimination.

Nechakogel’s blog shares some links about culturally sensitive practice particularly in relation to working with those from the Muslim Arab world.

On Classroom to Capitol, Melinda looks at ‘intergenerational policy convergence’ in relation to her parents and children.

Dorlee at Social Work Career Transition had a visit at her placement.

Malcolm Payne on Social Work Around the World shares some thoughts about ‘big society’

And Diary of a Social Worker has a definition of Social Services – very interesting to look at from an international perspective!

Of course, there have been many more fantastic posts that I haven’t had time to link and read. I’d highly recommend trawling through the Social Work Blog Directory!

Have a good weekend. I’ll try not to eat too many haggises (blergh)

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  2. I would skip the haggis, cb, but if you’re in Glasgow I would recommend Cafe Gandolfi for some mean dishes, both Scottish and Italian. The white pudding with apricots is particularly good. And check out Arta as well. A really classy place for a drink, done Spanish style and there are piped Spanish lessons in the loos. When I think about it, that’s slightly worrying..

    Don’t tell me, you’re in Edinburgh..

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