Weekend Links 5


–  Great news on The Social Work Blog that BASW and The College of Social Work are finally back around the table.

– Another topical matter (in the UK at least) has led Going Public Sector to discuss the Big Society.. ( to be abbreviated forthwith as BS – credit to  Mehdi Hasan on Question Time!)

SocialJerk has a topical post about marriage and aspirations in the week that Hague called for the government promotion of tax breaks for married couples at the start of National Marriage Week (personally, I prefer Chocolate Week or National Chip Week.. ).

Nechakogal’s blog looks at issues regarding the potential ‘digital divide’ and how broadband caps might affect social work as freedom of access is a key to freedom of opportunity.

Malcolm Payne on ‘Social Work around the World’ links to an interesting article about adoption/fostering and highlights the universal natures of the same issues.

– On a vaguely connected matter, I read an interview with Lorraine Pascal in the Evening Standard on my way home and she shares some of her experiences of being adopted and fostered.  It gave me food (unfortunately not Lorraine’s fabulous baked goods!) for thought.

JontyBabe on It’s a Crazy World gives her thoughts on Social Work (great post!)

Kryss at The New Social Worker Online isn’t feeling too well. Get well soon!

The Mental Health Social Worker picks up on an interesting research study that links hand gestures with problem solving. I live with an Italian man. He likes gesticulating. I am also a bit of a ‘talking with my hands’ person. I like this research!

And for some fun, Mike Langlois has some suggestions for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch ‘games for therapists’.  I am a great fan of Peggle and Bejeweled and Plants vs Zombies . Angry Birds – I’m more ambivalent  about. Do watch his video post though because he puts it in a great context and as a one time  World of Warcraft and Lord of the Rings Online (which I actually prefered but then I’m a bit of a Tolkien nut)   player myself  , I think his perspective on gaming is an interesting one.