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I’ve found it hard to locate useful podcasts at times. As you may have noticed, I added an ‘audio resources’ tab to my blog yesterday. I wanted to explain a bit about it today.

I  listen to the Social Work Podcast but it has an obvious US bent. I do enjoy the different perspectives it gives though and would recommend giving it a go.

I have found some useful predominantly UK-based resources and have to share them!

The Institute of Psychiatry has some excellent debates and lectures available to download.

Earlier this week, I listened to the lecture about ‘How Mental Health Law discriminates unfairly against people with mental illness’ and I can’t recommend it highly enough.  The lecturer compared some of the tenets and assumptions made about compulsory treatment under the Mental Health Act with similar cases regarding physical illness under the Mental Capacity Act and came up with some thoughtful conclusions. I’d definitely recommend anyone who works with compulsion under the Act to listen.

I also listened to the debate ‘Capitalism Cares – This house believes the NHS mental health services should not fear the private sector’. I know which side I come down on but it was really useful listening to the old-style debate format for a subject that is very topical and fascinating.

I hope to work my way through the ‘back catalogue’ of IoP (Institute of Psychiatry) podcasts and I think anyone with even a passing interest in mental health at any level would find something that is interesting and useful there.

Not least, I’ve noticed an interesting sounding ‘Mental Health Social Work’ event which was recorded back in 2007.

I have occasionally attended public events at LSE and they have some great podcasts which tend to, unsurprisingly, have a broader focus on social policy, politics, economics and sociology but they are a great way of picking up a wider understanding of the context of world politics.

IRISS (Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Sciences) is a Scottish organisation and they also podcast some of their events and debates. I see they have a series up about personalisation in Scotland – I haven’t listened to those but I did find Lena Domenelli’s lecture about Culturally Competent Social Work really useful.

There are others than I’ll add to and I’ll put on my ‘Audio Resources’ page. If you listen to any podcasts that you find useful, let me know so I can continue to add to the list!

I’m also trying to develop my own podcast at the moment which will be primarily about social work practice in the UK. I may be asking for guests and interviews soon but at the moment, I’m just trying to work out how identifiable my voice is and how to audio edit files but very happy to take suggestions.


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  2. Great list, thanks! I look forward to checking some of them out.

    Sounds like you have checked out our School’s social work podcast, Living Proof. While it will probably have some of that same “U.S. bent” there are some topics that I think are global or universal (culturally competent social work, human rights, etc., social work supervision). Here’s the link: http://www.socialwork.buffalo.edu/podcast/

    We are always looking for suggestions. We are generally looking for topics that come out of some knowledge base in social work/social science research, or practice with some evidence-based grounding. If you have suggestions for people to interview, please let me know or put in a suggestion at the link above.

  3. Thanks Nancy, I’d seen it but I hadn’t actually listened. I will though over the next day or so and will update this post with a review 🙂

  4. I look forward to listening to your first podcast – I’m sure it will be excellent! If you haven’t already discovered it, Audacity is a good free tool for editing audio.
    We will also be resurrecting our Community Care podcast over the next week or so, and as always if you have any ideas about what you’d like to see in it do let us know.

  5. I agree that The Social Work Podcast has a USA bias. Whenever possible I like to clarify that convepts are reflective of the USA. The Living Proof Podcast series has some really fantastic episodes. Good luck with your podcast. If you’d like to touch base about podcasting, I’d be happy to talk.

    • That was not meant as any kind of criticism! It’s just that my audience is predominantly British (and I was asked via email to identify resources relating to UK practice!) . Personally, I love having the international perspective and have learnt masses from them!
      I’m just catching up with the Living Proof series at the moment. Hopefully, I’ll be able to write more about them over the weekend!

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