Weekend Links 7

Been a bit of a disjointed and very busy week and likely to get more so over March but still, there are hints of spring arriving and that’s good enough for me.

Here are some social work related posts that caught my attention over the last week.

SocialJerk discusses the usefulness of a second language as a social worker. I can affirm that even a few words of mispronounced Urdu or Turkish can make a massive difference in building a relationship.

Melinda Lewis on Classroom to Capitol  has a very interesting post about community building and ‘commons’ that should and do exist. She explains far better than I do.

Community building is a strong current interest of mine and I am trying to link it to diversification of methods of communication within postmodern frameworks. We need to look at different ways to understand and improve society. This is one.

Malcolm Payne on the St Christopher’s Blog, links to a fascinating research piece which emphasises the importance on relationships in delivering public services. Some of my favourite research is that which confirms something I believe so I can ‘prove’ my hunches. This falls into that category!

At ‘Always Something to Complain About’ the writer has been sick and is pondering that eternal quandary about feeling guilty when taking time off and worrying about what you are leaving behind/leaving for colleagues/not doing as a result.  A particularly timely piece as I woke up this morning with a pronounced sniffle..

Jae Ran Kim has also been sick and uses the time to link to some thoughtful adoption related articles.

On How Not to Do Social Work there’s a piece about a look into a future that Cameron foresees where the state monopoly on provision of public services is eroded.

It worries me, quite frankly. I think some areas of work need to remain in the public domain. I have seen the private sector rip apart the adult care sector – and that isn’t to say there aren’t fantastic private providers but the regulatory system has been chipped away and little protection and accountability remains.

Social (Over)Worker makes a welcome return with her thoughts about the UK government’s diktat that social workers should not bar inter-racial adoptions. As piece, tellingly says she ‘didn’t realise we were’.

SocialWkr24/7 writes on Eyes Opened Wider about foster children on psychiatric medication. Fortunately, it has never been an issue with any of the children we’ve fostered but she raises good points.

Dave at the Diary of a Social Worker talks about salary discrepancies in social work. I didn’t actually realise how low social work salaries are in the US. If we think we have it bad over in the UK, just look at some of his figures. I know I am a well-paid social worker as things go, I get London weighting, AMHP and Practice Teacher increments but still, that’s after almost 10 years experience. Whenever I think about complaining I’ll go back to that post!

Dorlee at Social Work Career Development (she’s changed the name of her blog!) asks about what to do when someone you love but who is not close geographically has cancer. I didn’t offer any particular advice, because my experiences have been much closer to home but I’m wishing her and her friend all the best.

Finally on a bit of a tangent and in the fine spirit of Mental Nurse’s ‘wildcard’ post at the end of their fantastic weekly round-ups .

Tim Thornton on ‘In the Space of Reasons’ discusses the use of philosophy in a mental health research paper. I don’t think we use the precepts of philosophy enough in our day to day work. I love his blog and his insights for something a bit different from the usual mental health perspectives.

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  2. Great post! Can’t have enough links.

    There is a new linky starting today at http://wordsinsync.blogspot.com/2011/02/monday-madness-week-1.html called Monday Madness – and it’s in support of the bloggers out there who are involved in mental health/illness. I’d like it to grow steadily, to allow for a solid support community for those of us who could use it/those of us who can help/those of us to tackle stigma and awareness. Do pop by. Be great to have you with us. Shah .X

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