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  2. We also have Social Work celebrations here in Canada. The national organization likes to pretend it is an entire month (theme of Social Workers for Dignity and Inclusion: Upholding Human Rights, but provincially it is brought down to a single week (March 13 – 19) withthe same theme. Typically we would have our annual conference at the end of the week, but this year the conference is in April. Probably facility booking issues.

  3. Anyone can come to our World Social Work Day in Glasgow and many of those booked already are not SASW members . Our advertising was certainly much wider than just our membership. If you cannot make it to our event you can link with us by skype if you want – this day builds towards exchanging creative, high quality practice and we will go on learning form each other throughout the year. Go to http://www.basw.co.uk/scotland and find out more. Next year we will be sharing good practice with colleagues around the world in Stockholm in July – find out more about exchange across the world by visiting http://www.ifsw.org. Social Work is a global profession – we need to open our eyes, ears and minds to different methods of practice – join in this dynamic event on World Social Work Day 15 March!

  4. Carolyn – thanks for filling us in about Canada! I really like that theme.

    Ruth – thanks for that. If I were anywhere near Glasgow I really would go! I was interested in the Stockholm event and the practice symposium but it wasn’t clear on the BASW site how it would work so I haven’t made any moves in that direction.
    I think it is tragic that there isn’t more encouragement for those of us in practice to actually do research and to contribute. It shouldn’t be for universities to lead the direction of research on the basis of the whims of academics who can’t remember direct practice.

  5. Hi! As well as the BASW/CoSW Scottish event there are also events in the other UK nations to mark World Social Work Day. On March 16th BASW England has its conference in Birmingham – the international flavour being provided by a group of Russian Soical Workers. Fascinating to find out more about our noble profession as practiced in other countries and to celebrate it as a global profession. More info on http://www.basw.co.uk

  6. I asked colleagues from Business Support about this. They said a month was excessive and said we could have an afternoon, and then asked if we could get the numbers in for the PI silly season in April.

  7. My agency is having a five hour meeting to celebrate Social Work Month. I can’t even deal. I hate to think what “Torture A Social Worker Day” would be like.

  8. Ruth – thanks for that!
    Guilsfield – For us, March isn’t the best month, is it when all the figures need to be in for the year ending.. still, maybe that’s the best time to remember all the documented and PI measured work we do!
    socialjerk – five hours…. in a room with social workers….. that could be a vision of hell :))

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