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I want to start in solidarity with a couple more British Mental Health Social Work blogs – go and visit them and comment as an incentive for them to continue writing. I really want a community of blogging social workers to grow! I think that nothing will raise the profile and voice of our profession like a strongly networked and linked community of active and aware social workers who engage with social media.

So there’s Ladybird who works in an Early Intervention in Psychosis Team and has a really helpful weekly post of ‘useful links’. Last week she concentrated on carers and mental health. The nature of her job is that the carers and users will be young adults so the concept of ‘carer’ can be quite different to mine as I am used to working with older adults. She collates genuinely useful links and I have the page bookmarked.

Jamie Middleton is an AMHP and a member of the Interim Board Member of the College of Social Work.  It’s vitally important that the needs of Mental Health Social Work are expressed and actually the subject of his post last week was the announcement that the Isle of Wight is considering ‘de-integrating’ their integrated teams and moving social workers out of the CMHTs (Community Mental Health Teams) and back to social services offices. I’m biased but there is a massive need for social workers to remain in CMHTs (disclosure, I work in a CMHT!) to promote a multi-disciplinary approach and to be mindful of the social models in mental health work and care. I agree with Jamie.  On that note too, I’m really toying with the nature of the anonymity of the blog. It would be wonderful to write without a pseudonym but I’m not quite sure how to address the issue with management!

I also came across this blog by S.Wangene in Kenya. It’s good to get a social work perspective outside the anglo-centric world view and it was interesting to read of parallel issues about promoting good end-of-life care in Kenya.

Still in my trip around the virtual world, SocialJerk shares a great post about the links between films and social work in an Oscar-themed post. As someone who has made a concerted effort to avoid Black Swan because it sounded like it might have overplayed the mental health stuff, I’m actually reconsidering after her post!

I loved this post by Melinda at Classroom to Capitol about ‘starting where the client is’ in the context of growing activism. Rising political engagement and activism is something I’m exploring at the moment and it was a very timely and beautifully written reminder of the context that occurs in and the context around peoples’ lives.

On A Case Manager’s Verse there is an interesting question posed about whether it is helpful for a practitioner to  have a shared experience with the client. I haven’t responded yet to the post as I’m honestly not sure.

And in a similar fashion, Fat Social Worker discusses the issue of when a social worker has or has had mental health problems and  how to manage that.

And at ‘Always Something to Complain About’ she talks about her own experience of withdrawal from Cymbalta. She also has a great post where she links to a site that has been helpful to her in providing inspiration. I won’t link it here, you’ll have to go to her site and find out about it. It’s worth doing though!

Kryss at the New Social Worker has just passed her exam to be licensed. Well done to her and her post gives some advice to those who take these exams in the US.

Possibly useful for Dorlee at Social Work Career Development who is contemplating her upcoming exam and looking for advice!

Finally, I know this goes beyond my usual ten links but I can’t leave it out.

How not to do Social Work has a really interesting insight into age assessments which mean something very different in his service area.  When I see ‘Age Assessment’, I think about some of the horrendous BIA forms.. but that’s another story for another day. His story is far more interesting.

And although I know she isn’t a social worker but I include The Small Places  here anyway because the blog is so enormously useful to social workers like me (who work a lot with the mental capacity legislation), comments on the Stephen Neary case.

If you don’t know what that is, do click on the link to read about it. I’ve purposely refrained from making any comment about it in the past.

And that’s my slightly over-extended round up of links of the week in my own personal view. I’m in a chattier mood today!

Have a good weekend all!

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  2. I’m afraid the experience in the Isle of Wight is not unique. This has been mooted where I am and has happened in a neighbouring LA. The rub for LAs is that they see their staff and priorities being consumed into the perceived beast of NHS Trusts and not given the weight that they would like for many of the issues you have raised here over the last few months; HONOS, PBR, Contacts, breaches etc and not reviews, DPs, Carers Assessments etc. The LA feel that they would have greater strategic ownership of their staff and more importantly money if they bring them ‘in-house’…Often the reflection of the local political arena I think.

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