Social Media and Social Work – A Series

I’ve had a ‘technology’ type post brewing inside me for a while and although I can’t promise this is the best researched and planned post, I thought it might be useful to share some of my practical uses and experiences with different social networks and sites and how I have used them. I realised though as I started writing my ‘definitive’ post on how I use and have learnt from ‘social media’ that the post was turning into a dissertation so I thought it best to break it down into more ‘manageable’ chunks.

So as a result of my overrunning initial post, I’ll be writing a series of blog posts which will explore my use of different social media with a particular regard of the implications for my practice as a social worker.

Part 1 – Long Form ‘traditional’   Blogs ( self-hosted)

Part 2 – Social Bookmarking and Tumble/Quick Blogging(Delicious/Pinboard/Posterous/Tumblr)

Part 3 – Twitter and Microblogging

Part 4 Social Networks and Forums  (Facebook and LinkedIn)


I’m intending to publish on a weekly basis on Mondays with the first part tomorrow – although as always and because I operate this site individually, I reserve the right to change schedules if something comes up!

I hope people will add and develop my ideas as I present them. I am very specifically writing about my personal experiences rather than definitive guides with the hope that it will encourage more people to take up some of the tools we have between us to ‘make a difference’ and make our collective voices heard in the government and media circles so that the fight for social justice and an understanding and appreciation of social workers and the work we do takes place on our own terms.

We are lucky to live in times when we have the means for taking up these fights on our own terms rather than being reliant on others to provide the tools and the ‘media window’ for us

I’ll add the links here as they ‘show up’.

Thanks 🙂

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