Weekly Social Work Links 12

Perhaps a bit briefer than usual this week because, quite frankly, I’m not feeling very well. Why does that always happen at weekends! If you come across good pieces that I’ve missed as I am bound to, please feel free to add comments!

Melinda Lewis in Capitol to Classroom writes a great post about community organising and being a neighbour.

Malcolm Payne (whose new book, Humanistic Social Work was published this week) writes an interesting and useful critique of Cameron’s Big Society ideas on his Big Society, Community and Social Work Blog.

And How Not to Do Social Work writes about the real impact of cuts.

And Nectarine on Going Mental writes of the forthcoming election in Canada and talking to service users about their electoral intentions.

and on the subject of Canadian politics, Nechakogal’s blog covers the benefits of cooperation and… yes.. coalition in politics. Very interesting perspective given my own disillusionment with our current coalition government here.

On Eyes Opened Wider there’s a touching two part post about an adoption part one is here and part two is here.

Awake and Dreaming writes about the acquistion of better coping skills. Which isn’t always as positive as it  might sound.

At Diary of a Social Worker the author writes about a change in his role and working with servicemen returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. I look forward to reading about it. Sounds fascinating.

Social Worker Mom covers lack of resources in her post – a familiar story – but made it to the end of the week!

Neurology Social Worker points out that it is Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Month

Dorlee at the Social Work Career Development Blog writes about a collection of workshops she attended and creates a fantastically reflective post about her experiences.

And on Gamer Therapist there’s a post about ‘Doing your Dailies’ (you’ll have to read it to ‘get’ it) and the importance of building habits.

My short roundup isn’t as short as I thought it would be. Thanks everyone for writing and inspiring me to keep writing.

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