Weekly Social Work Links 13

With the real arrival of Spring, I’m overeager to catch the morning sunshine so here are my links for the week with little commentary or explanation!

The Masked AMHP is back with another part of his series on Mental Health Tribunals.

JaeRan Kim has a great post ‘I’m can’t be racist, I have a ______ friend’ about defining and identifying prejudice and the importance of language  use.

For getting a positive feel for the work amid some of the endless negativity, I love Ladybird’s post about ‘Why I blog’ and not only because she mentions me!

Melinda Lewis writes a thoughtful post about use of social media and particularly Facebook to share political opinions.

Related in a broad terms, is Nechakogal’s post about use of media (television) in politics and it’s relevancy in a world where media is changing.

On The Nudge Patrol, Laura shares a fascinating study on social work education in the US. Compare and contrast. The article she has embedded in her post was particularly interesting to me having generally only learnt about the development of social work education from a British viewpoint.

A Case Manager’s Verse covers a classic issue of when a service user/client/patient asks for a new worker.

SocialJerk is back from her break and helps us with some insights into case recording – that part of the job we all love most.

On the subject of honesty, Social Worker Mom shares a post on Craigslist subtitled  ‘A Social Worker finally snaps..’ Scary stuff.

On a lighter note, on Going Mental, Nectarine discusses ‘Foot in Mouth Disease’ – I can definitely empathise there..

How not to do Social Work  reflects  working in residential care in the context of Neil Morrissey’s Care Home Kid.

Do No Harm, a social worker in Singapore has a good post on the ‘battles’ between social work and counselling as disciplines. I think I can extrapolate many of the ideas to other ‘battles’ within the sector – children or adult work etc.

DorleeM at Social Work Career Development has another of her great interviews with a social worker who specialises in eating disorders. They are always worth a read.

Moving back to technology – a little pet love of mine (if you hadn’t guessed!), a mention for The Social Work Tech Blog post on the use of Google Voice with users of our services. It is a great explanation and as soon as Google get a move on any roll the service internationally!

And as a quick addendum, here’s a link to a piece I wrote for the Guardian Local Government Network Blog earlier in the week about social workers using technology.

And that’s it for the week!

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