Weekly Social Work Links 15

I’m away for the weekend so a quicker than usual round-up for this week

SocialJerk is pushed to the limit. Oh, I’ve been there – many times.

Dorlee has an interview with the author of Fat Social Worker.

Back in the UK, Malcolm Payne writes about the affect that child protection failings have had on other branches of social work (particularly in palliative care).

I loved this post a A Case Manager’s Verse which links to pictures of elderly animals.  We’re so used to seeing pictures of baby animals it draws an interesting contrast of perceptions about age.

Interesting post on Gamer Therapist about professionals, boundaries and making connections.

At How Not to Do Social Work the author is feeling frazzled (I can definitely empathise)

Nechakogal writes about a moment of emptiness and a feeling of abundance. Living in one of the most densely populated countries, I can’t help feeling a little envious.

Back in the UK, Going Public picks up on some warning signs for the health sector from social care’s experience of ‘contracting out’.

And I’m going to end with a tale from an Occupational Therapist, rather than a Social Worker – in OT on Wheels – but I think it needs to be read by everyone who works in adult care in the UK about the effect of our action and inaction on those whom we work with and for. It shouldn’t be like this.

Have a good weekend. I’ve got a train to catch Smile