Weekly Social Work Links 17

Made it through another week. I’m going to take a vow never to mention being busy or tired in these round-up posts. They are an opportunity for positivity! It’s the weekend after all (with apologies to those who work weekends).

Social Worker in the South has been out of the office all week on training.

Ladybird meanwhile, has a fine post explaining her route from NQSW through CPSP to (future) AMHP – that’s Newly Qualified Social Worker to Consolidation and Preparation for Specialist Practice to Approved Mental Health Professional – if you didn’t get all the acronyms!

A post from The Masked AMHP is always a great treat and learning experience for me and this week he (I think it’s a he, sorry if I’m wrong!) writes about when Nearest Relatives object to applications for compulsory admissions under Section 3 of the Mental Health Act. He explains it better so go read!

SocialJerk addresses the very real issue of ‘looking like a social worker’.

Melinda Lewis on Classroom to Capitol writes excellently about ‘macro-social work’ and passed the two year anniversary of her blog this week so congrats to her.  Some great posts this week on the Building Movement Project.

How Not to Do Social Work meanwhile, has had a seemingly thorny encounter with a Housing Officer and ponders job titles.

Malcolm Payne meanwhile, highlights on some of the additional hazards that might be faced by social workers in other countries – Alligators?!?

SocialWkr27 writes about open adoptions and adoption from foster care. Lots of really good and thoughtful points made in her post and judgement and assumptions.

DorleeM has another of her fantastic interviews, this time about a therapist who uses Gestalt Therapy. Excellent as always.  I love the way I learn so much from her blog.

And Nectarine on Going Mental relates the difficulty of ‘closing cases’. Oh, I most definitely related to this one.

That’s it for this week. Do link in the comment section if you have seen anything that I’ve missed but as always, it’s been busy here – oops, I said I wasn’t going to mention ‘busy’ again. That didn’t last long.

Have a good weekend – Romania are my dark horses for the Eurovision.

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    • Thanks for the confirmation – I was fairly sure but I’ve made that mistake before about wrongly assuming gender!

  1. I just wanted to say how much I like your round ups – I have found several blogs I would never have found that I love reading through them, so thank you!

  2. Thanks so much, cb for not only including me in your social work links for the week but also for the very kind way you described my current post and blog 🙂

    I am most honored and humbled to be among the blogs that you regularly visit.

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