Dorries, Abuse and Victim Blaming

Nadine Dorries MP has been on my radar on the periphery as someone who is completely off the radar in terms of making ridiculously stupid comments and who seems to like drawing attention to herself by courting ‘controversy’.

She is the Conservative MP for Mid Bedfordshire. She sees herself as some kind of British Sarah Palin along with introducing a Bill to Parliament to ensure that abstinence is taught to girls (note:  AND ONLY TO GIRLS BECAUSE, YOU KNOW, BOYS DON’T HAVE ANY RESPONSIBILITY).

But basically she thrives on publicity and I see her as a mostly irrelevance pimple  on the face of British Politics.

Yesterday though, I read that on Political Scrapbook, that she commented on the Vanessa TV show that there would be fewer victims of child abuse if children were taught ‘to say no’.

The bile that is rising in me when I read this is just about uncontainable. That this woman should make a link is beyond distasteful and vaguely off the mark – it is wholly irresponsible. The thought of blaming a child for child abuse is something from a bygone age (thankfully) and to think that this woman is responsible for making any kind of legislation is offensive in the extreme.

Political Scrapbook links to the blog of someone who has experienced abuse to explain the distaste about Dorries comment.

It is worth reading.

6 thoughts on “Dorries, Abuse and Victim Blaming

  1. A British Sarah Palin? I’d laugh but that’s actually a rather alarming thought.

    Her wikipedia article is quite good on her oblique attitude to factual accuracy. Other places on the net have more excoriating views about her honesty.

    • I thought the Wikipedia one was the best one to link to as it gives enough to give an idea of the kind of person she is!

  2. Sitting on the green benches of the House of Commons is far removed from the realities of life that ordinary people experience. People like Dorries need to walk in other people’s shoes – only then would their ignorance come back and bite them where the green bench once rested.

  3. This has been driving me nuts too since I read about it yesterday! It’s just unbelievable in this age for people (esp people in charge of any kind of legislation which will affect our children!!) to have these kinds of attitudes!

    Bob’s quite right, she is ignorant and doesn’t understand what it’s actually like for children being abused. In fact how downright dangerous it could be FOR them to just ‘say no’!

    Unfortunately I’m far from convinced that she is capable of seeing this from another person’s viewpoint. Best thing we can do is kick up a fuss about her bill and hope she eventually slinks off with tail between legs.

  4. Bob – completely agree.

    Susannah – thanks for the comment. I usually would ignore her but I think some times it’s necessary to show up the offensiveness of her comments.

  5. Nadine Dorries’s comments should not be underestimated. Lookign at the headlines from the Mail and the Telegraph, it is clear what spin they are choosing to place on her bill. What amazes me is that, given the recent furore over Ken Clarkes’ comments, Nadine Dorries’ have disappeared into the ether. You’ll need more than a blog entry to sort this one out.

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