Weekly Social Work Links 18

Maybe not quite so weekly but I was away last weekend and unable to put anything together. Back now and ready – very ready – for the long weekend.  Here are some of the posts I’ve come across over the last week that caught my eye.

A post on the Social Work Tech Blog is always a treat and I love the ideas in this post which show how a ‘self-care’ plan can be developed on the iPad – but don’t be fooled, the concept is transferable to pen and paper too (with attached PDF).

Jae Ran has a fantastic, thoughtful  post about research ethics. As I commented on the post, it shows the importance of understanding and knowing the methodology behind a research study – very relevant for promoting and using more evidence-based practice.

SocialJerk writes a beautiful and heartbreakingly moving post about sexual exploitation of girls and shares a story or two that cut deep and reminds us that of the importance of those strength-based approaches in practice.

I love the international perspective that social media and writing about social work has enabled me to have and in ‘A Social Worker’s View’, S.Wangene, based in Kenya, writes about a challenge which predominantly faces women in Africa and Asia and I had not been aware of – Obstetric Fistula and she follows up that post with another one about the challenges of Fistula treatment in Kenya

Staying with the international tilt, Dorlee at Social Work Career Development has another of her fascinating interviews – this time with a dramatherapist.

Hold my Hand is a blog written by a Social Worker who works in a nursing home and she relates the story of a woman she works with who has had a nightmare and how she is able to help.

On a slightly different tack, a couple of weeks ago, I discovered ‘Noone Sleeps Rough for a Free Sandwich’ which is a blog written by a support worker in a hostel in London (I think!). She shares the stories of her work and it really is an insightful read.  This is her most recent post about what she’s been up to on an overnight shift.

And In the Space of Reasons – not a social work blog but actually the blog of an academic who is involved in the study of the philosophy of mental health, writes about the recovery model in mental health services. It is worth reading for anyone who is involved in mental health.

Ladybird shares a story that her son wrote.

And a goodbye to ‘Diary of a Social Worker’ who is closing down his blog. Sorry to see it go.

In the face of the Sharon Shoesmith judgement yesterday, I will just link to the Guardian editorial which just about says exactly what I think about it but it is written with much more clarity and less ranting than I’d be able to muster.

3 thoughts on “Weekly Social Work Links 18

  1. Thanks so much, cb, for your kind mention of my interview with Noel McDermott, a drama therapist on your side of the pond 🙂

    I love your weekly social work links – they provide references to interesting articles/posts that I would not have necessarily come across had you not pointed them out.

  2. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned how much I appreciate you including me in your weekly recs…but I do appreciate it very much! Thanks for the support 🙂

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