Weekly Social Work Links 20

So another weekend, another series of links that I’ve found in and around the social work blogging networks.

I want to start with a few new blogs I’ve come across.

Unsettling Social Work is written by an academic who is primarily concerned with the sociology of social work – last week he shares his thoughts on Cameron’s mission to save children from sexualisation and commercialisation.

CPEA Nose  ‘a bloggers slant on health, social care and children’s services’ gives his take on Winterbourne View

And Full Care Order subtitled ‘Reports from the Front Line of Child Protection in Ireland’ gives us some background about Child Protection Myths and Reality

And back to some of the regulars –

Malcolm Payne on St Christopher’s Blog shares an interesting study from the Nuffield Trust about the use of social care and in-patient hospital care for people at the end of their lives.

Another fantastic post at Social Work Tech Blog which shows some of the possibilities of incorporating technology into practice – this time the author takes us through the process of how he made psychoeducational videos for sharing and he shares the videos he made. Really very impressive and as always, he makes us more aware of the untapped possibilities of using technology increasingly in practice. Particularly as we (in the UK) have quite narrow definitions of what social work practice is at the moment – I suspect that will change substantially over the coming years.

This link about a Social Work Rescript on the Centre for Welfare Reform  was shared with me by Shirley Ayres over the week. I highly recommend it as it’s a useful ‘reminder’ about ways of working.

Social Jerk shares her ever amusingly truthful take on unsolicited advice.

How Not to Do Social Work shares his thoughts about the difficulties of finding work and particularly how that affects children leaving care.

And at Social Work Career Development, Dorlee shares her learning from her first week of job hunting.  I find her posts very inspirational and positive. I would recommend them to anyone looking for work in any field.

S.Wangene from Kenya expounds on the importance of safe sex.

Social Worker Mom shares an update of her week.

And at the New Social Worker Blog, Kryss talks of some of the difficulties of practising what you preach regarding self-care.

Finally another non-social work specific post but a great insight into the Neary case  from The Small Places – worth a read and a save if you are involved in working with the Mental Capacity Act and the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards in particular – or want to know more.

And with that, I’m off for the weekend again. If you come across any interesting sites or links that I haven’t picked up on, please do share with me!

Have a good weekend!

5 thoughts on “Weekly Social Work Links 20

  1. Another great round up Monstertalk. I agree re narrow definition of social work in England. Community work for instance has always been seen as part of social work in the States and has almost disappeared here. Think I might Social WorkTech if I can forward his work on as there are various bits of work happening re student mental health and support for university staff to spot and refer is really important. Many will not make the time to go on a training course but may watch a vid lasting a few minutes. And I think it transfers across the pond.

  2. Thanks both 🙂
    I really like the vids on that Social Work Technology Blog. There are so many broader ways I think we can use social work and social work education in the UK rather than just the narrow statutory bases and I would love to do some work around that if I ever got the time – maybe it’s for some more posts 🙂

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