Weekly Social Work Links 21

First week at home for a while. It’s again been a bit high in the stress stakes but it’s getting a bit boring saying that now. At least there’s a weekend to look forward to and here’s a selection of some of the posts by social workers that I caught during the week. Please feel free to add if I’ve missed any that you’ve spotted and I’d like to point your collection attention to  This Week in Mentalists (TWIM) which is where I got my inspiration for these posts from. It covers a round up of posts from mental health related blogs and is utterly fantastic.

JaeRan Kim shares some really useful and interesting thoughts about the ways professionals use social media and assumptions made about professional-professional communications as opposed to professional-client communication.

The Masked AMHP asks Should People be Stopped from Committing Suicide? – a great post and one that contains questions we genuinely discuss in our team meetings so it had a particular relevance for me.

Meanwhile, Malcolm Payne extensively sums up some of the issues with the new Health and Social Care Bill in the UK – post so-called ‘listening exercise’  and where the Future Forum report may take us.

SocialWrkr24/7 has an extensive post on Birth Family Bias in ‘the system’. She makes some excellent points.

And similarly, Peter Choate in Child Protection Lessons draws on a report about kinship care and keeping children within the (extended) family.

And Social Worker in the South shares a poignant insight into the lives of two children whom she encountered on the same day in very different circumstances.

How not to Do Social Work shares his experiences in Court.

Social Worker Mom shares her reflections on her week – which has some quite eerie parallels with my working week in a different country, thousands of miles away!

And David at Life of a Social Worker has an interesting way of recording every life he has touched through his work.  Sometimes we forget what we do and whom we affect on a day to day basis.

And SocialJerk is frustrated (rightly) by acronyms and jargon.

Moving to a more macro level the Modern Social Worker has a fascinating post and maps (that I played around with extensively – I think I might be able to find my way around Hartford, Connecticut quite well now!) about the availability and access to different social services.

Dorlee shares another of her interviews with a Clinical Social Worker who uses EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) as a form of psychotherapy – I had never come across it and it is both interesting and educational to read about.

And to sum up Carer’s Week in the UK – Community Care have published a ‘Carer’s Wall‘. It makes interesting reading.

That’s it for the week. Have a lovely weekend! I know I intend to..

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  1. Good round up, I am curious to discover more Social Work type blogs and this has been a good opportunity to do so! 🙂

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