Dilnot Discussion and Links

Although there are some good points which highlight the main issues which will be published in the long-awaited Dilnot report here and here.  We have a good idea what might be discussed.

Rich at arbitrary constant has opened up a discussion post for issues concerning Dilnot so thoughts can be collated in one place from different groups of people –  so I do recommend anyone stopping by heads over there. He has also curated a fine collection of links related to Dilnot.

I have also been involved in a small way in the set up of an impressive (not on my account!) group blog – Rock, Paper, Politics – which is to cover politics with a small ‘p’ rather than grandiose political labelling. The first set of posts are up and I’d recommend you go and look – my post is here!

– Thirdly, I’ve been playing with Google + over the weekend, and there’s a great post here from Claire– an OT – who explores the uses of the network specifically for OTs but everything she says is equally relevant for social workers. I have a Google + account for the blog which can be found/followed by searching for my username which is FM Blog (I know, I know – I do have a personal account which I am currently using much more extensively!).

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