Weekly Social Work Links 24

The spectre of sickness has cast a shadow over my household this week. Fortunately I have more or less escaped the worst ravages but it’s been an interesting week work-wise and I hope to come back to some of the themes over the next week.

As for the rest of social work blog land, there has been much going on as ever.

SocialJerk has a new director who wants to make changes.

And How Not to Do Social Work meets a local council Cabinet Member for Childrens Services who demonstrates they learnt all they know about social care from the press.

Dorlee reflects on the first month of her job search.

And From Media to Social Work reflects on her first shift in a homeless project.

On another note, The New Social Worker has a fascinating article about the use of Facebook and Social Networking by Social Workers and some of the ethical considerations.

And this was an important news week in the UK for social policy and social care with the Dilnot report being published. Malcolm Payne covers the issues thoroughly on a few posts on his blog – worth reading through them.  This one focuses on carers and advocacy.  This one on the issue of quality of care which seems to have been lost amid the discussion of cost and this related post on whether we would pay insurance for care that is not top quality.

and worth looking at the comments thread here for more discussion about Dilnot and the repercussions.

Moving back across the pond, Social Worker Mom raises an absolutely crucial skill to have as a social worker – being able to tell your manager when you are ‘at capacity’.

And Social Worker in the South explains some of the ways she keeps going through the week at work.

Going Mental is counting down to her holidays..

And Diary of a Social Worker returns after a break.

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