Weekly Social Work Links 28

I’ve not been able to put together a ‘proper’ piece for this week but wanted to share just a few links I’ve come across.

Apart, of course, from my interview on the Jessica Kingsley blog with the author of ‘Social Work Under Pressure’  there has been a post from How not to do Social Work about the riots around England.

The Masked AMHP has a fine post ‘Does Mental Illness preclude a career in the Caring Professions?’.  Interesting how many people in the so-called ‘caring’ professions find it so easy to jump to conclusions.

Chris Mills explores a critical incident in Hull.

Jamie Middleton raises the possibility of ‘Undercover Social Work’.

Adventures of a (not so) Cheap Social Worker looks at issues and concerns about avoiding aggression and violence at work and shares ideas about minimising risks.

And Spinning Plates updates us on her first six months as a social worker.

Social Work Career Development has new learning experiences on her road towards finding employment.

Social Worker Mom has been dealing with stress.

Doris, at Hold my Hand has a sweet story about her work in a nursing home.

Awake and Dreaming discusses disclosure.

And SocialJerk explains the educational value of MTV for a social worker.

I’m sure I’ve missed out a whole swathe of fantastic posts and blogs so as always please do feel free to add suggestions and links in the comments.

Have a good weekend and a better week!