Weekly Social Work Links 29

After my absence last week, I’m back with some of the links I’ve come across that I’ve found useful over the last week (or two because I’m covering some of the posts I missed during my weekend away!) which relate in some way to social work – some more than others!

Enjoy and as usual, please feel free to add your own links in the comments section.

A Deck of Many Things has a great piece about multiculturalism.

Chris Mills highlights the rise in care applications in England and Wales.

The Masked AMHP has a fantastic post about what happens in CMHT (Community Mental Health Team) assessment. Highly recommended (as always with his posts!)

In a very specific post, Jamie Middleton explains about contingency plans for a ‘flu epidemic in compulsory mental health services in England and Wales. 

How not to do Social Work writes about ‘Good Enough’ parenting.

Social Worker Mom worries about becoming a ‘Mean Girl’ (can’t imagine that myself!)

And SocialJerk writes about ‘ghettos’.

Classroom to Capitol has a post about being unreasonable

Diary of a Social Worker has a post about eligibility criteria for his service and those who don’t meet it.

On another tack, Mike at Gamer Therapist explains why he says no to some referrals.

Social Work Career Development has a post about Gestalt Therapy and Dream Analysis (and being particularly unknowledgeable about both, it was certainly educational for me!).

Aunt Bertha writes about the importance of gathering data. A quick example of the importance of evidence bases to service commission and provision!

I know there are some fantastic posts that I’ve missed out but hopefully I’ll be able to pick up more next week.

To all in England and Wales, enjoy the holiday weekend Smile