Christmas Cheer

I have been in my new team for over a month now. I moved from a small office with two others (one of whom was part-time and not often around), into a large open plan office with 7 others.

Positive thing is that there’s usually someone around to chat to. Negative things is.. well, the same!

I have a nice little spot by the window with a lovely view over a park. I was worried that being the ‘last man in’ I might have been relegated to a ‘door view’ desk.  But no, I have a great view. Even the ‘guy from IT’ who has been installing some new database system on all the PCs in the Trust said he thought it was the most pleasant office he had seen – and he’s been to a fair few. I put it down to the ‘view of the park’ factor.

There have, though,  been a few ‘demarcation’ issues with the person sitting next to me when files wander over into her ‘space’ and get pushed back. Usual office stuff. No cross words yet though.

Last week, when I popped into the local Alzheimer’s Society branch to chat with one of the people who work there, they had a tiny little stall selling Christmas decorations and cards so, having some cash on me and being a bit of a soft touch, I bought some big glittery stars, some tinsel, ribbons, cards and some crackers.

image gailf548 at Flickr

On getting back to the office, I decided to decorate the room and gave everyone a cracker.

As each person arrived they told me how nice it was to have the office decorated and that they had never done that before! I was quite surprised. It might not be a terribly serious thing to do but it seems like a small thing to cheer people up a wee bit.