Weekly Social Work Links 27

A slightly truncated version this week because the last week has been a little distracting and we have a foster child who is likely to appear at any moment!

So please add any other links or sites you’ve seen that have been useful in the comments section.

I’ll start with a post by Malcolm Payne which highlights a short article in the Economist about waste in the US health care system. Really sobering though as our government tries to privatise our own health service. Scary stuff.

I can definitely relate to some of the thoughts expressed at SocialJerk about cities, poverty and working through the summer and the little things, like monkeys, that can bring pleasure.

On Awake and Dreaming the author shares ten things she has learnt. It’s a good exercise.

Therapydoc at Everyone Needs Therapy shares some thoughts about confidentiality.

Doris, at ‘Hold my Hand’ remembers a colleague at the Nursing home where she works.

And A Case Manager’s Verse reflects on what it might be like to have a ‘secret shopping’ experience with users of the services we provide – and as someone who experiences the ‘client’ side of social work in my role as a foster carer – I’d say it definitely adds a very interesting perspective..

I have to admit to being faintly baffled by the ‘debt ceiling’ issues in the US despite my.. er.. A level economics but I did find this post by (Not So) Cheap Social Worker on ‘How the Debt Ceiling affects MSW (and other Graduate Students) to be interesting to give me some more insight into some of the issues.

At Do No Harm, Fareez writes about many changes that are happening in his life and with his work.

Dorlee has another interview up on her blog about Social Work V Psychology and an interview with a practitioner who is trained in both.

Finally, a mention for Community Care’s podcast which helps keep me up to date with social work/social care related news on a weekly basis. This week, they cover the strikes by social workers in Southampton.

Great work from them and good luck to all those in Southampton.

Definitely a great supporter.

As for me, my posts my be a little more sporadic while we have a child in placement but I’m not going anywhere.. in fact, I’m sure I’ll find many many more things to say about the dichotomy between practitioner and ‘client’.