Winding down

I’m going away soon. Friday will be my last day at work for a couple of weeks anyway and I’m heading west for a while. It brings to mind one of those panics though when you go through each and every set of case notes and try to imagine all the possible and potential scenarios which might or could play out while away.

I’m also trying to ensure that paperwork is at least showing a semblance of being up-to-date – not always as easy as it sounds (I don’t know though, does it sound easy?).

There is, as is wont to happen, one person I am particularly concerned about. You pass all this on to colleagues of course but we are moving into peak holiday season and increasingly there are fewer and fewer people actually around and ‘picking things up’ is restricted to emergencies. There is a possibility it will be resolved to a point, anyway, this week but I then sometimes feel guilty about imposing my time limitations on other people.

My fears are.. well, I shouldn’t always look at the negative really but there’s someone else who seems to become more unwell whenever I go away, even if it’s for a long weekend but I have to reassure myself that he knows the people to call and things to do and when I’m out of the country there’s little I can do.

This week though, I’m mixing between a few visits and a mad dash through the files to ensure that anyone picking any of them up will have a rough idea of where I’m at and what I’m doing.

Picking up other people’s work on holiday always seems to be something of an issue. The same level of service can rarely be maintained and so, as I ring around to remind people that I’ll be away, I’m aware of the feelings of abandonment as there is not an equal or equivalent offer of service. Sure, I leave alternative contacts (although everyone has these anyway) but somehow it doesn’t feel the same.

And I’m reminded how long it is since I took more than about four days off in a row.

But before I leave, there’s the bluster and rush of trying to get as much done as possible. I’ll need a holiday after all of this!

image skyseeker at Flickr